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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 13, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, police are investigating the discovery of explosives inside a gaithersburg apartment building. residents were evacuated overnight. conflicting reports this morning on whether the shooting of a dog was justified at a street festival in the district. and celebrating this morning after the redskins take down the rival cowboys in a crazy, ugly game with a must-see ending. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone, and welcome to"news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, september 13th, 2010. and we're following a developing story in montgomery county this morning. we've learned police evacuated an apartment building overnight after exploses were found in one of the units. it happened in the 400 block of sunnybrook terrace in
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gaithersburg, myland. news 4's megan mcgrath is live durwood where officials took the explosives. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. yes. the bomb team took the explosives here to this location. you see that field off behind me here where the montgomery county agriculture farm park -- and those whe bags, those are sandbags, were used as a buffer while these devices were interrupted by the bomb team in case there were shrapnel or other debris that would fly when that was done. everything was detonated and taken care of safely, but it was a tense situation earlier this morning. this actually began as a report of suicide in the apartment of the 400 block of sunnybrook ter race inaithersburg. once inside, though, pice officers saw what they believe to be pipe bombs and other bomb-making materials. they callethe bomb squad, the entire building was evacuated, and that's when the bombs were removed by the special teams. the robots were wearing the full
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protective gear as they removed the pipe bombs. they were brought to this location where they were disrupted. can you talk a little bit about the threat here? first of all, were these, indeed, real explosive bombs, pipe bombs, and what was the danger to residents of that apartment building? >> definitely bomb-making materials. they obviously were in a pipe omb type of vessel. so having said that, potentially very dangerous. you're in a residential building. other apartments, other families in there so potentially very dangerous. that is the reason wh the investigators took all the necessary precautions, put them in a containment vessel, brought them to this isolated location and disrupted them at this time. >> reporter: and what's going on back at the scene? >> any further evidence for further investigation and further analysis. >> reporter: what do we know about the person who's responsible for building these items? >> unfortunately, i don't have
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that information. i know this is a death investigation being conducted by montgomery county police so, that's where we stand as far as that individual. i don't have any national security information on him. >> reporter: and this went without incident, no problems handling things? >> very routine for us. it's starting to be very routine for us. we take every precaution and everything went as planned today. >> can you describe what they were? pipe bombs? that's what i was told. three of them? >> three devices and they did look like pipe bombs. did not know the length of them, but they were described as three of them initiall collected at scene. >> okay. thanks for joining us. again, kind of a tense situation. the tenants of that apartment building are now allowed to go back into their units is our understanding, but all of this ended without any injuries. back to you in the studio. barbara? >> thank you very much, megan. and new today, the imam behind plans to build a mosque near new york's ground zero spoke out this morning.
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imam faizal abdul raul said he'd consider putting the project on hold, this after weeks of protests from critics saying a muslim cultural center would be hurtful to 9/11 victims and their familie >> i'm deeply disstressed that in this deeply political season some have exploited this issue for their own agendas. and i'm deeply disappointed that so many of the arguments have been based on deliberate misinformation and harmful stereotypes. >> the imam said he would continue reaching out to religious and civic leader toss make his case for an islamic center. he did not see if he'd meet with florida pastor terry jones who flew to new york over the weekend. jones called off all plan he had to burn the korans of radical muslims.
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some sunshine out there. tom is here. >> we have a lot of thick fog especially in the western suburbs and the blue ridge. visibility down to zero for a couple hours but it quickly dispated by around 9:00, 9:30 this morning. we have that bright sun pouring down and temperatures are pleasant, around 70 degrees. 70 at national airport,upper 60s, near 7in prince george's county, arlington, fairfax county. farther west, we're in the upper 60s and low 70s. chesapeake bay, 70s, as well as the northern neck and the eastern shore, upper 60s to near 70 as well as as at the atlantic beaches. in the mountains, it was in the mid-40s this morning. there now near 70 in much of maryland and west virginia. carolinas now upper 70s to nr 08 there. er the last 12 hours we had the rain we had yesterday move off the atlantic seaboard and some of that lingering moiure
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this morning condensed and forming that fog. but it has burned off and for the rest of the afternoon should be sunny and mild. highs reach low 80 by midafternoon. a look at the rest of the weekend. that'll be coming up in just a couple minutes, barbara. >> okay, tom. thank you. and we ve a traffic alert for drivers who use the 14th street bridge, a new traffic pattern taking eect today. you can see the entire left shoulder of the bridge is now closed to traffic. you'll be able to get by work zone on the four right lanes. the new pattern has been in place since 5:00 this morning. this is the next phase of the construction. this marks the halfway point in that bridge project. and let's say good morning to a guy who's been gone too long. jerry edwards, welcome home. >> hi, barbara. good to be back. good morning, eryone. speaking of the 14th street bridge, let's see how we're doing duri the midday here. again, the inbound side. for the midday, there is an addition lane ache takenway.
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generally, though, for the rush hour, those cones would be out of there and we have -- actually movinging along pretty well even with the far left side blocked off. still three lanes open during rush shower. just a minor backup even at the height of the morning commute. right now looks like we're moving along pretty well, but the left lane is blocked up. elsewhere, construction in town, new york avenue inbound, right behind the camera of bladensburg road with one lane closed off. minimal delays there. and we have some other roadwork to talk about including kennelworth avenue and i-95. >> thank you, jerry. there are different stories emerging abo the events that led a d.c. police officer to shoot and kill a dog in adams morgan over the weekend. police say the dog bit two people, while several eywitnesses say the dogwas calm and didn't bite anyone. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from the newsroom with more
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on a story that's capturing the attention of an entire community. >> reporter: this incident remains under investigation. was the dog o a leash? was it aggressive? what we know for sure is that the dog is killed. police tape around a crime scene, d such a festive event as adams morgan day. but a kdisturbingncident occurred sunday afternoon. a dog d been shot. >> i heard some dogs barking and some people screaming. i came out and he was running inside, his handle was bleeding and i saw one cop holding a pit bull. >> reporter: that dog was parrot, a 2-year-old pit bull mix. eyewitness accounts say police responded as they possibly began fighting. but the accounts vary in some aspects. some s the dog was being subdued by its owner. >> one dog came loose and bit a man and he fell to the ground.
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the officer then -- the officer then put his hand on the dog's throat to try to restrain the dog. the dog spun around, bit the officer on his hand. >> reporter: most accounts converge on what happened next. >> the officer then picked up the dog and threw the dog over the banister. >> the pit bull was trying to attack him and he and another pulled him to the side and there was a shot. i didn't see him get shot but heard it. >> reporter: the whole scene shocked in of those attending the celebraon. some were troubled there was gunfire at all amid the crowds. >> i love dog, but i can see it being necessary. >> reporter: an attorney for lucky dog aimal rescue, the organization that owne parrot, said that the dog did get into a fight with another dog but never bit any people and that the dog's never shown any aggression toward people. live in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you for that report. now to decision 10. tomorrow is primary day in d.c.
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and aryland. this morning we haverand nu information about voter tampering allegations that rfacedver the weekend in the district. the claim -- someone was offering grocery store gift cards to ge people to ve. >> can i get a giant gift card if i vote? >> it's not to vote. listen. you get them for -- >> supporters of the fenty campaign secretly videotaped the giveaway this weekend. this morning "the washington post" reports that cora masters, estranged wife of councilwoman marionarry, is claiming responsibility. barry tells the post it was part ofhe ward eight unity campaign. she denies any connection to either mayoral campaign. thisweekend, both candidates also told news 4 they had noing to do with it. >> they found that there was a whole group people who were being told if they went and
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voted that they would also get a gift card and that the people who were doing it were either volunteers, affiliates or employees of my opponent. >> definitely no one in our campaign who had anything to co-with any gift cards. and the person on the video said something about nonpartisan, right? >> the u.s. attorney's office and board of elections are bo looking into this matter. it was one day before maryland voters head to the polls. one candidate, james' majors. jack johnson currently holds the office. he is now endorsing prince george's county sheriff michael jackson to be his placement. jackson has been sheriff for the last eight years. he's running against four other challengers in the democratic primary. jackson's campaign and other candidates are taking hits by flyers sent to maryland voters. one mailing slams the sheriff
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and his department over the shooting of two dogs in a drug raid two years ago. the service employees international union sent the fly years and endorsed niemann. niemann, though, called the flyers unfair because most candidates, he said, don't ha the resources to dispute their claims. >> they come day after day after day after day, same things over and over again, carefully written and manipulated to create these negative impressions, you can't compete with that. i think they're terrible, actually. i think it's totally distorted the political process. >> niemann is now returning a $1,000 campaign contribution from that union. seiu's local political action fund paid for the $200,000 ads. news 4 reached out to union representatives but we've not heard back from a of them. 112. still ahead, will an american detainee finally be free from a prison in iran? coming up, the latest demands from iran and what her amican
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lawyer is now saying. also coming up, president obama will spend time in the home of a fairfax family today. and highlights from the redskins' big win last night. the final seconds were real nail-biters. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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family members hpe iran will follow through on their promise to lease one of the three american hikers jailed in that country. iran said it will release sarah shourd after she posts a $500,000 bail. her lawyer is still waiting for word that the bail has been paid. iranian leaders first said ey would release her on friday but then backed off. she's suffering from health issues. sarah and her fiance, shane bauer and friend, josh fatale, were raised last year. they were accused of spying for the u.s. president obama will make a short trip to fairfax, virginia, today, scheduled to visit a family in their home and disskusz current struggles and the economy. he made a similar visit last month to ohio and had a kitchen-table discussion with a family there. congress returns to work this week with big decision dealing wi
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dealing with taxes. lawmakers need to decide what to do with tax cuts that were offered by the bush administration that will expire soon. meanwhile, president obama also wants taxcuts and a spending plan to create more jobs. nbc's tracie potsz has more now on the agenda ahead from capitol hill. >> reporter: more taxes? tea partyers made their views heard this weekend. >> i want the big goverent stopped and the taxes. don't want the taxes. >> if congress doesn't act, your taxes go up january 1st. $3,600 for a family making $200,000. president ama wants to keep the bush tax cuts for those families but let them expire for incomes over $2,000. >> what we cannot afford t do is pass $700 billion additional of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: republicans had opposed that, but one leader may now support it. >> the only option i have to vote for those 250 and below, of course i'm going to do that.
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>> reporter: a thorny issue to decide before the election. >> let's not hold them hostage while we debate whether we're going to give this very small number of people at the top a tax cut that we can't afford. >> what may pass in the next week, $12 billion in small businessax breaks plus $30 billion for small business loans. that stalemate was broken when one retiring republican agreed to vote for it. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> under the bush tax cuts one comomise considered is raising the income cutoff sonly those earning more than a million dollars would see higher taxes, not those making $250,000. tom kierein is back to talk about our weather for today and the rest of the week. >> some changes this morning predawn, not much fog. but right around dawn, thickfog forming. between 7:15 a 8:15, this is
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what it looked like on our skywatcher camera west-northwest. you can see as we do this te lapse through the magic time lapse recording we can squeeze an hour down to a few seconds. look how the fog slowly creeps across the landscape. and it did thicken and move acro northwest, coming in out of the west-southwest. you can see these sort of waves of moisture coming thrgh. and this is all low level. the camerand elevation is up at about 300 feet. so well above the shallow layer. a very dense fog that did form. off in in distance, you can see the horizon there, and above that a few brakes in the fog, but the fog continued to tcken up and got so thick it covered the entire landscape there. tak a live look at the same picture and there it is. look, there are trees under there, yeah, and there's -- off in the distance you can see bethesda and montgomery county. under this sunny sky now at
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national airport, it's at 70 degree, dew point now 61. it's comfortably dry. light breezeut of the southeast. as we look now at the temperatures, nothing showing up on radar, right now we have it near 70 not only in washington but in prince geor's county, arlington, fairfax, montgomery countys, right near 70 degrees and right near the chesapeake b bay, point lookout, leonard town, in the near 60s. on the lower eastern shore it's in the low to mid-60s to near 70. out aund the central shenandoah valley, it's warmed up there, fog there, northern shen doe wa valley. hagerstown up to 68. out at elkins, west virginia, it's alredy soared to 70. it was in the low 40s there this morning. they warmed up nearly 30 deees just in the last several hours, and all of this coming from a weak area of high pressure that's over us right now that did push the moisture we had yesterday and the rain now out
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to sea. and behind that we've got this nice, dry air mass in place here. meanwhile out in the tropical atlantic, we've got trouble brewing once again. this is powerful hurricane igor, very well-form eye. this is a very, very powerful storm. meanwhile, there's another disturbance here just to the south of cuba. we'll keep an eye on that. that's moving through the western caribbean. and muchfarther to the east of cuba is tropical storm julia. these are the latest conditions for igor. it has winds of 1 miles an hour, more than 200 miles away from ocean city, but here's bermuda. by saturday morning, it will be near bermuda. could tracanywhere in tis yellow zone. hopefully it passes easrn bermuda. it shows the long-range trend that it will stay out to sea. over the last 12 hours, high pressure moving in with the settled conditions and over the next 48 hour, a weak front coming through tomorrow. it will be a dry passage as it moves through. above, that high pressure moving in. mostly sunny and mild the rest
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of the afternoon, high temperatures reaching the low 80s. tonight, we'll be clear and cool, down to the 50s by tonight. more of the same on wednesday, 50s in the morning, afteoon sunshine. by thursday, a passing shower, near 80. after that, dry weather returns friday into the weekend. morning lows 50s and 60s. check the weather any time, weather channel on cable. that's how it looks right now. barbara? >> thanks, tom. we'll check midday traffic with jerry. good morning again. good morning, everyone. 95 virginia, construction both directions at this our, but the slowest traffic ght n is the southbound flow, right lanes taken away as you fravl newington on down toward lorton. hov lanes already configured for southbound flow. that's helping to take a little pressure off. nevertheless, you can see very, very slow. northbound despiteconstruction, looks like we're moving along pretty well headed out toward
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the capital beltway. let's see how we're doing at the american legion bridge. outer loop. moving nicely. a lot of dense fog during the height of the morning rush hour. that's obviously burned off so no longer an issue there. inner lo, tyson's corner to rockville pike moving without delay. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. still ahead on "news 4 dday" -- do hand sanitizers help prevent colds and the flu? we'll have the latest findings. and mtv's video music awar. and we'll talk to nate about the premiere of his new show on nbc 4. first, here's what's hot on
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the popular video-sharing bsite youtube is adding a new
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service. you'll no longer have to wait for an event to be over for the video to be uploaded to the site. you tooeb is a live video streaming service. the services is not available to everyone as the site is continuing to test the idea. in the past, youtube has carried concerts, sporting events and presidentialddresses live. well, last night there was one big winner at the mftd mtv music awards. >> best female lady gaga, "bad romance." >> she picked up eight trophies, including best video of the year for "bad romance." the pop superstar did not perform, but that didn't stop her from making several costume changes. she thanked her little monsters, as she calls her fans. she was in the capital last week for concert at the verizon center. in the next half hour of
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"news 4 midday," the latest on the murder of avirginia man last night in his own pringfield home. what police think happened. plus, investigates still trying to confirm just how many people were killed in last week's gas line explosion out in california. we'll tell you what's being done to prevent a similar tragedy. and tom kierein will be back with the latest on the workweek forecast. stay with us. we're coming back. ♪
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yoo right now on "news 4 midday," the imam behind plans to build a mosque near ground zero says after much debate he would consider putting the project on hold. he spoke to the council on foreign relations in new york this morning. critics argue the mosque and islamic cultural center would be insensitive to families of september 11th victims. the imam saide will continue reaching out to religious and civic leaders to make his case for the project. we learned police evacuated an apartment building overnight after explosiv were found in one of the units. it happened inhe 400 block of sunnybrook terrace in gaithersburg, maryland. police say the initial call came as a suicide. when they got to the unit, they found three pipe bomb devices and bomb-making materials. those were taken to an agricultural farm park in urwood where officials detonated the explosives. police in fairfax county say
11:32 am
they're investigating a murder. officers respond to a call in springfield just after 10:00 last night. there, police say they found a man shot to death. detectives bieve gunman knew the victim, but they would not share more on their possible relationship. and new today, the fbi is reporting that crime is down for the third straight year. the bureau says violent crime dropped 5.3% in 2009. property crime also dropped by 4.6%. ports of nonviolent crimes also dropped. in fact, this is the seventh consecutive year nonviolent crimes he dropped. residents in san bruno, california, are being allowed to go back to their homes or what's left of their homes ter a massive natural gas pipeline exploded on thursday. at least four people are dead from that, and crews are searching for six missing people. nbc's migu almaguer has the latest from san bruno. >> reporter: hundreds returned
11:33 am
home to an army of utility workers -- >> you might want to stay ba a little bit. >> reporter: restoring gas service after last week'sblast. for some, the first confirmation thattheir homes have been spared. the damage in this neighborhood was widespread yet sporadic. the difference between one destroyed wnd one still standing was a matter of feet. like dozens of others, these people weren't allowed to pass a police barricade because their home sits too close to the blast site. do you think your house is still standing? >> i don't know. >> reporter: this as new video surfaced of the ruptured gas line, the intensity of the fire spitting forward has never been so vivid. thursday's fireball, which kicked off a series of explosions, incinerated entire city blocks. 37 homes were destroyed. the blast from a pacific gas and electric pipeline so powerful
11:34 am
that a 28-foot section ofpipe was blown 100 feet into the air. the antiquated line is more than a half-century old and was scheduled to be replaced within three years. investigators are looking for video of the blast for clues. >> the better we can document the exact location and extent of damage andinjury, the better we are able to determine what the cause of this accident was. >> reporter:meanwhile, cadaver dogs scour the neighborhood. this weekend, having found skeletal remains yet to be identified. among the dead, 20-year-old college studentessica morales as well as 44-year-old jacqueline greig and her 13 daughter, janessa. jacqueline worked for state agency that regulates pg&e. >> it's very painful. >> reporter: a death toll that could rise in a community already stripped of so much.
11:35 am
>> that was nbc's miguel almaguerreporting. california regulators have ordered pacific gas and electric to inspect all of its pipelines in order to try and avoid similar disasters. talking about our weather tom kierein. you were right. that rain moved out last night for the game and folks enjoyed being outside. >> just in time. we got much-needed rain sunday morning, about two-thirds of an inch of rain at natnal airport, the first rain we've had so far this september. but so far this year 2010, we're still running about six inches below average on the year and it's another dry day under way. skywatcher camera showing blue sky, lots of sun. 70s, shenandoah valley, low 7 and upper 60s throughout much of the region. beautiful view from space. we have a weak aea of high pressure moving over it. that will be in place today, tonight, and much of tomorrow. a weak front, maybe just a couple clouds.
11:36 am
another day like today, probably not as much fog tomorrow, maybe in the upper 50s. patchy fog in the rural areas, highs in the 40s. thursday there is a chance for much-needed rain perhaps during the afternoon hours, highs reaching near 80 before that would happen. and maybe o showers on thursday night. should dry out friday morning and be dry for the rest of friday. highs in the 70s to near 80, morning lows in the 50s and 60s. i'll have another update coming up. >> all right, tom. thanks very much. rskins fans, let's talk redskins right now. fans are heading to lunchith their heads held high today. it didn't disappoint. it wasn't always pretty, but the skins got the job done and in thrilling situation. hakem dermish has highlights.
11:37 am
mike shanahan knows how to make an impression. he was 12-4 in operate, the most among active coaches but all that matters is is he's 1-0 against the cowboys. they snapped a three-game losing streak to theiritter rivals. last night mike shanahan getting off to a great start. end of the first half, redskins up 3-0. here come the cowboys, or not so much. tonyomo scrambles, flips it to joyce. uh-oh, deangelo hall knocked the ball loose, scoops it up, a big-time play to close out the first half a-32-yard touchdown. redskins take a 10-0 lead at halftime. all right. so last chance for dallas. ski up 13-7. third and ten at the skins' 13 yard line. romo looking for somebody, oking for somebody, connects with roy williams for t touchdown but not so fast. the cowboys called for offensive
11:38 am
holding and that's the ball game. the redskins win a thriller. a classic redskins/cowboys game, final score, 13-7, snapping a three-game losing streak to dallas. here's head coach mike shanahan. >> that was a nice team win. as i told our players, i said, you know, sometimes the offense is going to play, othe times the defense and special teams, but at the endf the day you've got to find a way to win, and that's what we did today. i thought- i mean, the kroucrow was a hge part of this win. they could hdly hear the snap count. i thought we had a big advantage there relative to the crowd noise. but anyway, very pleased with our team. >> a memorable victory for mike shanahan in his debut. up next for mike shanahan and the redskins, the houston texans. that's all for now. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >> if you stayed up and watched the game last night, a little tired. >> unfortunately i couldn't keep my eyes open that wide that long, barbara, but how about
11:39 am
those skins? let's see how we're doing. rush hour over and dne with, right on schedule. midday roadwork set up, and the the good news is it's no terrible along 395 northbound. i guess when it's not terrible that's as good as it gets around here. left lane is taken aw. during the rush hour, these cones are out of there, so we have additional lanes. no delay. good news there. let's see if that good news continues. this is nnelworth avenue northbound and southbound. you can see the construction cones out there with the left lane blocked either direction right here at eastern avenue. another work zone down in pennsylvania avenue,ust a minimal backup being reported. barbara? >> thanks, jerry. metro hopes it can avoid paying a nearly $3 million energy tax in montgomery county. the transit energy asked maryland officials there for an exemption. the tax would cost metro $2.8 million. montgomery county leaders say
11:40 am
the energy tax suppapplies to a government leaders and business leaders. those handy hand sanitizers may not keep you from catching a cold. that according to a university of virginia study. researers say out of 100 people who use the alcohol disinfect tanltant disinfectants, 42 came down with infections. abou the same people got sick who did not use hand sanitizers. dial sponsored the study. 11:40 is our time right now. coming up, stocks are coming off last week's positive showin we'll have the latest numbers this morning. plus, he has transformed his own ow. we'll have a preview.
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c doubleeat, dtoda
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the congressional black caucus foundation will host its 40th annual congress this week at the washington convention center joining us this morning is dr. ivorytolleson. good morning and welcome. >> good morning. >> glad to have you with us. >> thank you. >> tell us what the conference is about. >> the conference is abou getting people involved in the legislati process and in policy, and so we invite thousands of people, and thousands of people come to the conference each year and participate in brain trust where is panels of experts and community members talk about major areas of legislation, including economic policy,
11:44 am
education, health. >> so this is not just a local invitation. people from all across the country come? >> all over the country, somimes across the world. but, yes, it's a national conference. >> can anyone attend or do you have to have an invitation to get here? >> anyone can attend. we have many registration options. have everything that ranges from corporate registration opportunities as well as open registration where someone can come for free. >> so some people can attend for free and participate? >> exactly. >> it's a whole week long? >> it stas on weesday and goes until saturday. >> you're going to be speaking on wednesday. is that right? >> yes. i'm very excited about that. >> just so the people kno what you do, why don't you tell us a little by about your background. >> i'm senior research analyst for the congressional black caucus foundation. i've been there four years and my main area of research is education policy. >> also a professor, right? >> yes, associate professor at howard university.
11:45 am
and i released a couple of studies looking at black male achievement and this wednesday i'm going to be on the panel where the first lady will give remarks on looking at health and academic achievement. >> let's talk act black male achievement. are we seeing that rise in the last half-century, say, or 25 years? >> we are seeing success stories right now. now, across the nation i can't say that things have risen, but we do see in certain areas -- and the foundation released the report called give them half a chance and just updated that report, and they showed some states have risen their achievement levels. and so we have a really good idea right now some of the thin that it takes to help schools to achieve and producing higher level of academic success among black males and other races, too. >> u're also going to have fr heal screenings a a job fair and some financial sessions during this week. >> right. we have a huge exhibition hall,
11:46 am
the pavilion, health screenings, a job fair, so it's -- a lot of people attend. a lot of people give away prizes, and there's lots of benefits to attending. >> starts this wednday? >> starts this wednesday. >> at the convention center. >> yes. >> thank you so much, dr. ivory tolleson, for coming in. >> thank you so much for having me. >> good luck at the conference. >> thank you. while lawmakers debate tax cuts this week, courtney reagan joins was the day's business headlines. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. so things are looking pretty good. the dow's up about 66 points or so on the day, just kicking off a new trading week, coming off our second straight positive week for wall street. september is usually a bad month for the markets but none of that. lots of green around the world with investors enthused about strong data at ina, this
11:47 am
weekend as well as new rules signed by global regulators so tighten regulations for banks, being done to prevent future financial crises. asian markets rsing overnight, europe also positive. we're green here today, too. there is a fair amount of economic data this week with reports on reil sales, inflation, and consumer sentiment. well, congress does return from its summer vacation this week, and with little time to finish the work befe hitting the campaign trail next month, on top of the agenda, a small business bill in the senate. this would create a $35 billion fund that the government would use to encourage tax breaks. republicans e calling it a junior version the wall street bailout. and the number of americans living in poverty has unfortunately skyrocketed from whepresident obama took office. a new report this weend says 1 in 7 people are considered poor or about 45 million in total, about 15% of the population, up
11:48 am
from 13% in 2008. the federal government has set the poverty level at just over $the 22,000 a year for a family of four. that's one trend, barbara, we definitely want to see reverse. >> absolutely. thank you, courtney. have a great day. >> you, too. >> see you tomorrow. >> see you then. the sound of the exhaust is unmistakable. its place in pop culture undeniable. but today could be a turning point for one ofamerica's most storied brands, harley-davidson. union workers at the milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer will vote on a laor contract later today. company executives say they need to cut millions of dollars in expenses. so included in the contract are we freezes, job-cutting measures and allowances for nonunion workers. if not agreed to, harley says they will move out of milwaukee, a huge blow to the home of the american motorcycle. harley workers and riders say it's devastating to a community that has put so much into the
11:49 am
ompany >> 40 years at the company and to have this happen, you know, it really hurts. >> i would not ride anymore if they move out of milwaukee. i would sell my harley. >> milwaukee was at one point home to four of the world's larges breweries. schlitz and pabst have left. our time, 11:49. coming up, nate burrkas joins us.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
audiences know him for his incredible designs on showcases like oprah. now nate is starting his own show that's is set to premiere here on nbc 4 at 2:00this afternoon. nate joins us this morning with
11:53 am
a preview. good morning. i don't know if you can hear me, but i can't hear you. >> i can hear you. uh-oh. >> there you are. great. >> hi, there. >> we're excited about your show starting this afternoon. why don't you tell -- >> thankyou, barbara. >> -- tell our audience what it will be about. is it just focused on design? >> no, actually. the show goes far beyond design. design is going to be a huge part of it because it's one of the things i'm most passionate about. but the show is act living well and what we can all do to lave little bit better. the show really, the point of it is to inspire and to help people with -- by giving them the real information they need and can use to apply to their everyday lives. thas my responsibility come spoog their homes every hour. i want people to be able to make choices and make decisions about their homes and about other things with the right information. >> now, you've got somepecial
11:54 am
guests this week. tell us about them. >> it's such a cool week. it's amazing. wednesday -- well, first of all, every guest is special, i have to say. they don't just have to be a celebrity. today's show is incredible. i met a woman naed dina from new jersey, and it's an incredible story. wednesday, dolly parton is joining me. she's actually singing on the show, and she teams up to help me surprise one of my viewers. and on friday, elizabeth edwards and i are together. and i actually went down to her home in north carolina and spent some time with her there and got to see how shs doing and talk about everything that's gone on but also talk about what she's doing to reclaim her life since so many women have gone through many of the things tat elizabeth has gone through but just not as publicly. so then elizabeth and i team up to surprise a viewer, as well, and thas friday's show, which is really a wonderful story,
11:55 am
too. >> sounds really exciting, nate. before we let you go, though, we want to take advantage of your talent. since we're moving from summer to fall, can you he us with some maybe small but inexpensive change folks can do at home? >> absolutely. absolutely. i like when you have to basics right in a room. some simple sofa -- a simple rug. i like adding things for the seasons that aren't -- don't break the bank but show your own creativity. for instance, maybe taking one section of something down from one of your walls or if your walls are empty making that decision to actually hang a grid of images or objects that you found. so kind of elevate how our walls look. i love idea ofuying some new throw pillows or making new throw pillows out of vintage scarves or eve an dress you're not doinganymore. a throw, if you're going to
11:56 am
someone's house for thanksgiving, that's always a welcome president. i love a big knit throw that looks like a sweater for is the season. >> i like those, too. >> thanks. it's a nice feelin i've also been known to paint the inside of my lamp shades a warmopper or a beautiful sort of putder color because that actually changes the whole feeling in a space and takes, you know, an hour to do. >> well, nate, we thank you r that little tip or those tips. >> pleasure. >> we look forward to seeing your show which star today at 2:00 p.m. on nbc 4. >> thank you. >> thanks again and good luck. >> thanks very much. thank you so much. >> some of the stories we're foowing for news 4 this afternoon. oming up, a diet pill on store shelves could soon be pulled. the side effects may cause the fda to pull the product. tonight at 5:00, on theroad to change, the tough new policy to crack down on illegal immigrants llowing the controversy usual case involving a suspected drunk driver who killed a nun. those stories plus your forecast
11:57 am
tonight on news 4 starting at 4:00. it's time for a final check on the foreca. here's tom. >> after the morning fog dissipated, things are heating up beautifully now. as we approach the noon hour, climbing into the 70s around the egion. i'll continue to climb into the low 80s for highs late they are afternoon. we'll have a mostly clear sky tonight. we should be into the upper 50s by dawn tomorrow during the day on tuesday. fog in the morning, afternoon highs in the low 80s. good weather for primary election. on thursday, maybe a few passing showers. we certainly need some rain, highs near 80. looks like it will be dry f friday into the next weekend. each day partly cloudy with highs near 80. see you form torrow morning. >> have a good day. tnks fobeing with us. we invite you to tune in today for news 4 at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 and 11:00. i'll be back tomorrow for "news
11:58 am
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